Eagle Buses

Compared to some other companies, Eagle buses is relatively young. They also have a particularly interesting history. It started in the 50's, in Germany by a company named Kassbohrer. The first Eagle coaches were called Golden Eagles. They were built for Continental trailways. A few of them were articulated, which is notably impressive for that time period. They used a non-chassis design called Setra, which is a sort of abbreviation for the German words that mean "self-carrying". Though the Golden Eagle was nice, the main fleet bus of Continental Trailways became the Silver Eagle bus, which was slightly less equipped but still of sufficient quality to get the job done.

Soon after, Kassbohrer decided to focus on European sales, and Continental Trailways focused on the Americas. Kassbohrer designed the Eagle 01 model and Continental Trailways picked up production under the company Bus & Car Co. Trailways' Eagle coaches were significantly more comfortable than their competitors. They were warmer, softer, and had better seating conditions.

In the Seventies, a distinction was made between New Eagles and Old Eagles. The old Eagles had their drive axle in front of the tag axle. The New Eagles had the opposite. Because of this design, for the drivers it was like "driving a diving board". When the suspension kicked in, it created so much momentum that often times the drivers would almost get thrown from their seats! So that was arguably a design flaw. On the bright side, it didn't seem to cause trouble with the passengers, but unfortunately it was less than kind for the drivers!

In 74, Eagle buses started being manufactured in Texas under Eagle International, Inc, which later changed its name to Eagle Bus Mfg Inc. From then until 1980, the Eagle Model 10 was the American made Silver Eagle bus for sale. This company was a subsidiary of Greyhound, which became a problem when Greyhound declared bankruptcy. Eagle moved to Mexico where there was a high demand for their type of bus, so despite setbacks they still managed to thrive there.

Eagle Buses for Sale

  • What different models of Eagle buses are there? 01, 05, 10, 15, 20, 25, silver eagle, golden eagle, 15 Classic
  • What kind of engines and transmissions should I expected to find in an Silver Eagle bus for sale? All of the popular ones! For engines they use Cummins, Detroit Diesel, and Cat (Caterpillar). For transmission they use the classic Allison auto, and also the Eaton Autoshift transmission.
  • Where can I find Eagle bus parts? If you have a Silver Eagle bus and need parts, simply go to the Eagle bus website. They even have sales. You don't often see that at the manufacturers website!
  • Eagle buses are hard to find, where can I find a used Eagle bus? Whether you are looking for a standard passenger or Silver Eagle bus conversions for sale, at craiglslist eagle bus is a good place to look. Otherwise you can use search engines to look for a good Silver Eagle bus sale.
  • What makes Eagle Coaches special? They are classic Americana. Like hot dogs or baseball!

Silver Eagle Buses for Sale

Today, Eagle Buses manufactures two models. There is the Model 25, and the Model 15 Classic. The classic was reproduced from all of the old blueprints and Silver Eagle bus conversion manufacturing paraphernalia they could find, to revive the old and long time favorite Silver Eagle bus model 15. Of course they put a modern spin on it. The Eagle tour bus model 25 has not been met with serious success but still makes for a nice Silver Eagle motor coach. Most of the Eagle bus sales that occur are for Eagle Entertainer Coaches, aka Eagle sleepers, and are popular amongst movie stars and the wealthy.

Eagle Bus Conversions

Eagle Bus conversions are all American. Often times they are middle to upscale, but there are economy options available. Here we have a nice spread of three to look at, one economy, one for the guys, and one for the family. All three are nice, and someone out there would just fall in love with any one of them.